It’s crazy just how different each county’s real estate market is!

On the one hand, Sacramento county has fewer homes for sale last year and fewer sold homes, but if you really look at it a higher percentage of homes are selling. IE we need more homes to come up for sale in Sacramento county.

On the flip side, El Dorado County has more homes on the market than in the past several years and yet 7% fewer homes sold than last year, which means El Dorado County is slowly (very slowly) moving toward becoming a buyer’s market.

Interestingly, Placer county is darn near exactly the same as it was a year ago. Same amount of homes on the market, same amount selling. There is one consistency throughout all 3 counties…home prices are still increasing slowly. The rate has slowed quite a bit from the rates of 2012-2017 though, which indicates that a subtle shift in the market has already begun. Til next month!