So, you’ve listed your home with the Larson Montgomery Team. Here are 6 tips to get you and your home prepped for an Appraisal.


1.) Have Safety Equipment Installed: Make sure to have smoke detectors in every bedroom and in the hallways or living spaces upstairs and downstairs. You will need one Carbon Monoxide detector for each floor of your home, and finally, you will need to make sure your water heater is double strapped. We have a great handyman that will do it, if you need it done before the home goes on the market.


2.) Self-Closing Garage Door: Make sure that the door from the garage into your home is self-closing, if not you will need to install a self-closing door hinge. Also, if you have installed a pet door in the door into your garage, you will have to have the door replaced with a solid, fire rated door. Appraiser will call that out 9 times out of 10.


3.) Provide a List of Upgrades/Updates: This is a great thing to have prepped. Not only for us, your agents, but also for us to provide to the Appraiser. Have you put a new roof on? New Flooring? New Kitchen? New HVAC? ANY updates or upgrades that you have done and the amount of money you spent on them, is handy for the appraiser so that you can help your home value!


4.) Clean: Make sure your home is picked up and clean. You want your home to show very well, so tidy things up.! Clear out the clutter-I mean, you are moving anyway, right?! Power wash decks, driveways and the exterior of your home. A clean home looks newer and more attractive to appraisers and buyers alike.


5.) The Yard: Mow your lawn, trim your trees and shrubs. Add some color with flowers! Remove clutter from both the front and backyards, including stray toys, bicycles, and lawn furniture. Be sure to thoroughly weed flowerbeds and add mulch or fresh bark. Houses with high curb appeal receive better appraisals!


6.) Make the Appraisers visit a pleasurable one: If it’s cold outside, turn on the heat. If it’s hot, turn on the air. Seems basic, but you’d be surprised how many homes we go into that are either too hot or super cold. We want the home to be inviting, not the opposite!


More questions? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you! 530-350-6335